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The dumpster is back!

Sited at 839 Claremore, the dumpster will be dropped off on Friday, March 16, and removed Monday, March 19.

As it has for several years, FPNA has scheduled with the city of West Palm Beach for a large dumpster to be placed in the neighborhood for a weekend and picked up for disposal. This is a city amenity available once a year to help residents keep up their properties. There is no cost to FPNA.
* This dumpster is to be used by Flamingo Park residents ONLY, for the easy disposal of nontoxic items such as building materials, etc.
* Do not place yard waste in the dumpster. Green waste is picked up weekly at your curb, or should be taken away by your own hired landscape company, according to city ordinance.
* Do not place toxic items such as paint, tires, solvents, pesticides, etc. as these cannot be dumped in the landfill. Please use the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off sites for such items. More information is available online; look for the household hazardous waste link at
* Once the dumpster has reached the fill line, do not keep piling on. And Please use care in contributing only your share of waste; we would like all residents to have equal access.

The City of West Palm Beach historic preservation staff wishes to update the existing historic preservation design guidelines to better serve the public. Please provide your feedback by clicking here  or on the banner above.

Survey will close on March 30th, 2018.

West Palm Beach is fortunate to enjoy an abundance of beautiful historical areas. The region includes 17 locally-designated historic districts, nine of which have earned recognition on the National Register of Historic Places. The area also includes 46 individually-designated sites that were initiated by property owners.

Each of the City’s historic districts have their own distinct character. Historic Preservation staff exist to help homeowners maintain this heritage for future generations through design review and guidance. To ensure this, exterior modifications to a historic structure must comply with our Historic Preservation Ordinance and the City’s design guidelines.

We hope you find the following pages helpful. If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact our City Historic Preservation Planner, at (561) 822-1457.

Thanks to all for coming out to The Annual Flamingo Park Block Party!! We had a blast!! 

Thank you Volunteers that helped with set-up beforehand and cleaning up afterward. We appreciate the Armory letting us set up there, and a special thank you to Block Party Chair, Susan Hill.


The Block Party!

Board Nominations Fall Short

With four Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association board seats up for the 2018 election, only one nomination was received by the Feb. 15 deadline, that of current board member Linda Cullen. FPNA has staggered two year terms for its seven directors. The three directors continuing for the second year of their terms are Susan Hill, Marianne Oliver and Jerry O’Brien. Board members Frank Forlini, Kathy Willoughby and Jim Lilli chose not to run for another two-year term. Their current term ends with the March 27 vote, and their service as neighborhood board members and officers is greatly appreciated.

This leaves three open board positions still to be filled after the new board slate is voted on at the annual membership meeting, set for Tuesday, March 27. No nominations for the board can be made from the floor at the meeting, per the bylaws. Following a membership vote on the slate, the four member 2018 board can then appoint qualified residents to serve in the three open seats.

To serve on the board, a voting (full) member in good standing (dues paid), 18 years of age, must reside in Flamingo Park. Associate members and nonresident full members are not eligible for board seats. Deed-named owners are eligible for full/voting membership at $50 per household.
Non-deed-named spouses or partners, tenants and non-resident “friends of Flamingo Park” may apply for associate (non-voting) membership at $35 per person. The bylaws stipulate that the board must vote to accept associate members.

District representation Flamingo Park is divided into three districts for board purposes; each district must have at least one board member resident in that district. Hill, Oliver and O’Brien reside in District 3. Cullen resides in District 2. This means that at least one of the members appointed by the 2018 board must live in District 1.

Download Map Here

Offices to be filled Following the March 27 vote, and the appointment of three additional directors, the complete board will then meet and choose officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Officers are appointed annually and can serve in a given office for no longer than 24 consecutive months.

Join or Renew your 2018 Membership

 Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association

For your convenience, you can easily sign up AND pay your $50 dues on our website it safe and secure. Click here to pay now!

By joining, you support your neighbors and the neighborhood environment through clean-up and beautification projects, having safety issues addressed, and, of course, socials and parties which help create the unique sense of community within Flamingo Park. Plus, you will have opportunities to volunteer and have your voice heard!

Did you know that the Association maintains the historic street marker poles, the entrance markers, and the street corner garbage cans in our area – not to mention the doggie bag stations? These are areas that can use volunteers and require association funding. The Association also pays for a quarterly landscape maintenance of the common areas. In addition, we have occasional neighborhood clean-up activities where we can volunteer, meet people, and do some good work for our community.

There are socials each month at a neighbor’s home which are free to members. This gives us an opportunity to meet each other and to see the beautiful homes in our neighborhood – and get ideas! The Association provides funding for these socials – so volunteer your home that you have worked so hard on AND show it off! In addition to these monthly socials, FPNA has a street party each year, free to all members. This year it will be in January. Fun, food, and music are all provided!

The Association traditionally holds Holiday Home Tours, Holiday Lighting Contests, Garden Tours, neighborhood yard sales, publishes the Flamingo Flyer, and now maintains a website at All of this depends on our members involvement and low membership dues!

We are active and helpful and need YOU to be a part of your community. Remember, you may pay online by clicking here.

Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Evening Drinks Party

Thank You to Our Host Dianne Sauve

“A great Flamingo Park monthly, Jan.-Sept. Meet your neighbors and make new friends!”

Contact us at

Lend a hand for garden tour
Sunday, April 15, from 1 to 5 p.m.

With an approved schedule — planning for the biennial Flamingo Park Garden Tour continues apace while deadlines loom and there’s much still to do. Co-chair Pam Bohm is talking to potential hosts, advertising rates are being firmed up and there are still lots of ways to get involved!

The success of all our tours requires volunteers to fill many roles, before, during and after. Setup and tear-down volunteers are needed to handle tasks such as delivering signs, tables, coolers, beverages and supplies beforehand, and/or retrieving them afterward. Garden docents the day of the event watch after the garden, answer questions and serve refreshments. Many neighbors will be asked to lend coolers and tables, provide the cookies our bakers are justly famous for, and help with other tasks. The 2014 tour, which revitalized an event dormant since 2008, featured gardens of varying themes — from shabby chic to impressive orchid and bromeliad collections. The 2016 tour featured an “outdoor living” theme throughout.

A tantalizing 2018 theme is in the works, as well as a couple new features. Once more details are firmed up, will host the big reveal! Reminder: If you haven’t updated your 2018 dues, you can do that online now on our site as well. Why pay dues or volunteer for fund-raisers? Well, it costs money to run a website, publish this Flyer, maintain the hardscape features owned by the neighborhood (like signposts and trash bins), put on block parties and social hours and generally promote the welfare of our fabulous historic district. It’s a good way to meet new neighbors or reconnect with “oldies” like your Flyer editor.

So step up now to help us showcase Flamingo Park’s best to eager guests! To ask questions or find out how you can help, contact board member Linda Cullen at

Advertising in the Flamingo Flyer and

You can get your business noticed by all of Flamingo Park, and countless others, by purchasing an ad in the neighborhood “pink” newsletter, the Flamingo Flyer. This sheet is published every other month and delivered to all homes in Flamingo Park. The prices for ads have not changed in several years and are well worth the cost. There is always a 10% discount for purchasing all six issues at once.

There is an added bonus included this year, in that your ad will also appear on our website, so you may supply a color copy of your ad. This will reach far outside the neighborhood.

If you wish to have your business listed in the yellow insert to the Flyer, you can have this free if you are a member of the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association ($50 per year) – just let us know. If you are outside the neighborhood and wish to have your business listed in the directory, you may become an Associate Member of FPNA ($35) and pay an extra $20 for the listing. !

ACT NOW Contact Marianne Oliver, FPNA Board Member at

Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association

Flamingo Park is one of West Palm Beach’s historic neighborhoods. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Flamingo Park features single-family homes built from the 1920s to today. Dozens of houses are characterized as mixture of Spanish Mission, Mediterranean Revival, Frame Vernacular and mid-century Ranch architectural styles. Many Flamingo Park homes feature hardwood floors, fireplaces, walk-in closets, French doors, open balconies, attics, cottages, garden views, Florida rooms, covered patios and large swimming pools.

Est. 1987 | Our Mission
Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association was formed to encourage and promote the safety, welfare and quality of life of residents in Flamingo Park, and to preserve the neighborhood’s beauty and historic significance.

Join Today!

We joined the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association shortly after we bought our house.

We have meet so many friends, enjoy the monthly socials and being a part of the association!

The Smith Family

Historic House Plaque Information

Wondering about those snazzy historic metal plaques, with the year the home was built, on quite a few of our neighbors’ houses? You, too, can get one — from the West Palm Beach Historic Preservation Board’s historic-designation plaque program.

fpna plaqueJust order, pay and wait! The city’s order form requests the following information:

  • property owner’s name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • historic district
  • structure address for plaque
  • date structure was built (if known)
  • number of plaques requested
  • your signature

For an emailed PDF of the official form, send a request to with “plaque” in the subject line. You can print it, fill it out and mail it to the city. Plaques cost $145 each, payable to the City of West Palm Beach. Return the form and your check to City Hall, 401 Clematis Street, P.O. Box 3366, Planning Department, West Palm Beach, FL 33402.

house plaqueIn order to keep costs down, the city will not order plaques until several requests have accumulated. It takes from six to eight weeks to receive the plaques once they have been ordered. The city will notify you by phone when the plaque arrives. For more information, contact the city’s Historic Preservation Division at (561) 822-1435.

Download a plaque form here.


The House of the Month bird comes with a heaping helping of FPNA’s appreciation for either recent improvements or ongoing efforts to maintain “curb appeal.” Winners receive a Hall Hardware gift certificate for $25, along with a monthlong visitation from the traveling avian icon. If you have a neighbor you would like to nominate, email President Jim Lilli at

March: 807 Ardmore, Jeffery Weathers

April: 818 Claremore, Alex Cenzio


Nextdoor is the private social network
for your neighborhood.

Flamingo Park residents can now stay up-to-date about upcoming events, neighborhood news and more by joining our private community on Nextdoor is a new online social network designed specifically for neighbors in a given community to meet and connect with each other. It’s completely safe and totally free.

For those of you who can’t live without your smart phone, there’s also a very user-friendly Nextdoor app for iPhones and Android phones. You’ll be able to read about neighborhood events, message your neighbors and more… all from your phone!

To join our neighborhood community on Nextdoor, click on the link above. (You will be asked to verify your address.) See you online!