West Palm Beach Public Safety



Join the West Palm Beach Citizen Observer Patrol

 The City of West Palm Beach has a great volunteer program called Citizen Observer Patrol.

The program is open to any adult interested in becoming a volunteer.

C.O.P., or Citizens Observer Patrol, works with the City’s police department.

You can patrol the neighborhood and become the eyes and ears for the Police.

Please contact Elizabeth Diebel at 561-822-1621.

You must be 18 years of age or older, reside or have a business in West Palm Beach.

You are required to complete an application along with a criminal background check and possess a valid Florida Driver’s License and complete a 3 hour mandatory training program. 

Please call Elizabeth at the above listed number if you have any interest.  Your community appreciates the help and you are preforming a valued service.

Attached is the brochure provided by the West Palm Beach Police Department outlining more detail.