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Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association Holiday Historic Home Tour

We are an all Volunteer Neighborhood Association, our neighborhood is an Historic District and it is one of the most beautiful and friendly neighborhoods in West Palm Beach. Its distinguished architecture are Mediterranean Revival and Mission style and reflect the historic development era of the mid-1920s made famous by Addison Mizner throughout South Florida. Builders associated with the famed architect carried his vision of design and scale from Palm Beach to the eastern shore of Lake Worth where Flamingo Park began. The architects and builders of the 1920s—like John Volk, William King and Henry Harvey—built their homes here and left an indelible mark on Old Northwood. Many of these historic homes have been completely restored in recent decades

Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association Spring Home Garden Tour

The tropical trees are losing their leaves in preparation for summer, mangos are blooming, and the harvest season is coming to an end. It must be spring time in South Florida!  We invite you to enjoy the gardens of today painted on the canvas of Old Florida. Flamingo Park has two legacies. Look around and you will see evidence of the 1920s Florida land boom. Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Mission homes filled out this suburban strip of land perched on the Atlantic coastal ridge overlooking downtown West Palm Beach. Flamingo Park was THE place to buy a new home. Alfred Comeau, developer of West Palm Beach’s first skyscraper (the Comeau Building) built his home in our neighborhood at 701 Flamingo Drive. Before it was platted for construction of singlefamily homes, Flamingo Park was a pineapple plantation and mango orchard. Look between and around the homes for evidence of this legacy: Hundred-year-old mango trees tower over our streets, yards and homes. Other botanical artifacts abound in our neighborhood, such as the magnificent kapok tree at the intersection of Lake Avenue and Biscayne Drive and the monstrous Banyan trees of Ardmore Road. Flamingo Park’s gardens have not always been as they are today. Flamingo Park’s gardens are just as eclectic as its architectural styles. Today’s gardens include a tropical take on the cottage garden, an unconventional produce garden, a native Florida garden, a modern sculpture garden, and an urban tropical fruit orchard among others. You are in for a treat and we are so glad that you have decided to join us in this celebration of spring’s return.